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Engine description D2876.


Cylinders and arrangement 6 cylinders in-line

Operation mode watercooled 4-stroke diesel engine

with exhaust turbocharger and intercooler

boost pressure control with waste gate

Number of valves 2 valves per cylinder, replaceable

Fuel injection Direct injection

Fuel system Bosch injection pump

Engine block High-strength casting with integrated oil and water ducts

and replaceable cylinder liners

Engine lubrication Closed system with forced feeding, oil cooling and filtering

Type of cooling Heat exchanger with seawater pump fitted

Alternatively equipment for keel cooling

Engine electric Electronic engine monitoring

Exhaust gas status IMO Tier 2, 97/68/EC

On request: SAV and BSO for commerical application

Fuel DMX fuel to ISO 8217, EN 590




App tool Baccarat-Chơi thử Baccarat